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We are a partner in your business

We specialize in bookkeeping services, tax consulting, EU funds and investment studies and project development.

Are you in the phase of start-up, development or solving business difficulties?

Professionalism, quality and experience!

Small, medium and large entrepreneurs…

Baban Tax Consulting d.o.o. is a company, founded in 2013, specializing in bookkeeping services, tax consulting, EU funds and investment studies and project development. Many years of experience working on various projects and cooperation with various company profiles proves our knowledge and, most importantly, the high quality of service we offer.



Our goal is to enable our clients to focus their time and energy on their own business, leaving the care of administration and accounting to Baban tax consulting. In this way, we enable our clients to achieve even better business and financial results.

Valuation of companies

Valuation service of the company to be bought / sold by a certified appraiser Ivica Baban.

Tax consulting

Certified tax advisor specializing in tax advisory and representation services in all tax proceedings.


For many years we have been successfully performing bookkeeping services to the satisfaction of our clients.

EU funds and investment projects

Applications for EU funds are developed for the needs of small, medium and large companies and cities, municipalities and counties.

Accounting consulting

Expertise services in the field of accounting and finance

We assist the court and / or the party in certain matters for which the court and / or the party does not have sufficient knowledge.

"Professional consulting in the field of bookkeeping and tax consulting are qualities that I would recommend to everyone in cooperation with Baban Tax Consulting"

Jure Smajo
CFO, Bontech d.o.o.

"The associates from the company headed by the management are the absolute support and support in the business, and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to have everything completely in one place.“

Nikola Tudor
Director, Kacavida d.o.o.

"Professionalism and efficient action in all situations in everyday business are qualities that you can achieve in cooperation with Baban Tax Consulting"

Marko Bosnić
Director, Bosnić d.o.o.

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