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Paying taxes is not determined by nationality or registered residence. It is determined by tax residency as a center of life interests. Persons which are a part of immediate family (spouse and/or children) have tax residency based on the location where their family is using everything necessary for everyday life (workplace, healthcare facilities, schools, kindergarten and other similar facilities). Tax residency for single persons is determined by their place of residence which, in general terms, must be longer than 183 days.

Baban tax consulting d.o.o. is offering representation services for natural persons in following processes:

  • Submission of tax applications for foreign incomes for tax residents in Republic of Croatia
  • Procedures related to application of tax residency in Republic of Croatia
  • Procedures of leaving tax residency in Republic of Croatia

For any additional information you can contact us through:

phone number: 021 / 272-990, 272-781


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